Part-up launches the first marketplace for teamwork at Dublin's Web Summit

Dutch social impact startup revolutionizes the way we organize work. Get your pop-up teams with Part-up.

PITCH -  Part-up, the teamwork marketplace, revolutionizes organizing teams and network organizations #crowdresourcing #tribes

THE HAGUE - Online collaboration is a rapid growing industry. Most collaboration software is built for people that already have a team in place. Part-up specifically targets people, communities and organizations with the need to start new teams on demand. Part-up matches people in temporary teams where they can start working together. It is the next step in harnessing the power of Internet Technology. First Internet brought freedom of information and communication. Now, Part-up gives anyone freedom of organization. You can organize anything with anyone, because Part-up gets you the right team for the job. Part-up is organizing beyond organizations.

Part-up targets both freelancers and corporates. It enables self-employed professionals to team-up for larger projects. In organizations, employees get the freedom to self-organize agile teams. On, teams meet and collaborate online and partners rate each other's contribution. Resulting in an professional profile build upon real teamwork.  

“I never want to work in an organization anymore. Part-up gives me the freedom to choose what to work on and who to work with„ Laurens Waling, Founder Part-up

Pricing, traction and investments  
Part-up is free for individuals. Organizations and communities can get their own tribe, starting at € 499 per year. Part-up was released in The Netherlands only two months ago. Currently, over 2000 users started 400 temporary teams, called part-ups. Moreover, 50 organizations and communities started using Part-up to self-organize their flexible workforce.  

The platform is now ready to support international teamwork at Angel investor Rob Schilperoort joined the founders to support their ambitions. As international entrepreneur his focus is on scaling Part-up and get a footprint in markets such as Germany, Spain, the UK and the US.

Part-up builds upon the international “flexanizing work” trend. It's on a mission to give everyone a future full of jobs and their best teams ever. Allowing people to leave their job (title) behind, use all their talents, create more impact and make money in part-ups. The Part-up founders exhibit in the Alpha program at the Web Summit (3-5 November in Dublin) to launch Part-up internationally.  

About Part-up

Part-up Matching people in temporary teams.

Part-up allows you to instantly pick team members for activities, based on smart suggestions by our matching algorithm. Everyone’s contributions and the rating on these activities are the core of the platform. You build your profile by collaborating in successful temporary teams, called part-ups.

Start working together!