Part-up, Dutch ‘social impact startup’,  gets investment of 215k

15th April 2015 | Part-up, the new online platform for temporary teams, announced a total investment of 215K. This investment enables the launch of Part-up this summer and the ongoing development of the matching algorithm.

A promising start
Three ambitious Dutch entrepreneurs started developing the Part-up concept last year. Part-up is a great tool for freelancers and companies. You can build teams on demand and get access to numerous talent and resource networks. It helps you to start working together by matching people with ideas, talents, and resources in temporary teams, called part-ups.

“We are on a mission to give you a future full of jobs, and your best teams ever!„ Laurens Waling, one of the founders of Part-up

The funding covers this years' development needs. Part-up will launch this summer with at least 2.500 uppers and 25 networks. Serveral organizations are anxious to make their organization flexible using Part-up. The next goal for Part-up is to get more investors to boost the international growth in the next year.

The Next Web selected Part-up as ‘one of the most promising startups’. They will pitch during the TNW Europe Conference ‘15 on the 23rd and 24th of April.

Part-up will officially launch this summer. Today its already possible to sign up. Take a look at the design:

Sign up to Part-up, take a look at this exciting new teamwork platform!
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About Part-up

Part-up Matching people in temporary teams.

Part-up allows you to instantly pick team members for activities, based on smart suggestions by our matching algorithm. Everyone’s contributions and the rating on these activities are the core of the platform. You build your profile by collaborating in successful temporary teams, called part-ups.

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